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“This is one of the best SEO [video] audits I have ever received”
Almudena Lumeras, Head of Performance Marketing
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Stephan Göbel, Managing Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an agency, we specialise in eCommerce SEO with most our clients on Shopify, and some on WooCommerce.

For other eCommerce stores, we’d love to do a video review for you. It’s fairly similar anyway.

For non-eCommerce stores, feel free to request a video, but we likely may not be able to help with anything afterwards.

About 90% of the video will be on your website itself highlighting SEO issues or using Google search dorks to find common problems. While doing this, we may use some SEO tools where time permits, and also may make mentions of user experience and conversion rate issues.

This is a 10-minute custom video, so we’ll do our absolute best to make this valuable – but please remember we can’t cover close to everything.

Your video will be recorded and sent to you within 4 working days.

If it can be answered within 10 minutes and only from looking at your website, absolutely. Just leave a comment when submitting your website.

Yes. We plan to introduce other members of the team later, but currently all video audits are performed by Daryl.

Yes, absolutely. We’re an SEO agency first and foremost, these videos are a nice way of showing how we can help first.

If you’d like to skip the video, schedule a strategy call with a member of our team to discuss a full SEO campaign.

Otherwise after the video, we can offer either a one-off audit or monthly campaign (both are optional).

Sure, if you don’t think the audit is worth your time or money, let us know within 7 days and we’ll refund your full payment.

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