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Almudena Lumeras, Head of Performance Marketing
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Stephan Göbel, Managing Director

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who knows, probably.

SEO advice is kinda like diet and exercise advice, if you do all the right things it’ll probably work. But every person (or website/keyword/market) is a little different.

Here’s what I can say at least, every single one of our clients so far has experienced traffic growth in the 27% to 300%+ range.

While this is only a 20 minute video, I’ll highlight as many issues/opportunities as I can, likely the best ones. So presuming you implement it, given time, you’ll likely get great results.

For video audits, any except adult.

As an agency, we specialise in Technical SEO and OnPage, which leads us to working with eCommerce stores for 90% of our clients.

We also have a lot of experience with Shopify, since it’s the most popular eCommerce platform.

But these same principles apply to any website, it’s just less work so not worth our fairly high-ticket retainers. So if you have a local website, affiliate website, SaaS, or other – feel free to submit it for a teardown.

Depending on the amount of issues and time it takes to cover them, I’ll typically do 3 things:

  1. Review the website itself for onpage and technical issues
  2. Use Google search operators to find technical issues
  3. Take a look at the current rankings and data inside of Ahrefs
  4. Review Google Search Console (optional, if access is shared)

This is a 20-minute custom video, so we’ll do our absolute best to make this valuable – but please remember we can’t cover close to everything. Our full audits tend to take upwards of 20 hours to complete.

20 minutes is enough time to look at several pages of your website, use a couple tools, and identify the major SEO issues with your site.

It’s also short enough to force us to be more concise, so there’s no fluff; just issue, explanation, fix, repeat.

Sure, feel free. We’re happy to answer any questions as long as we can do it within the typical video flow i.e. while looking at your website, GSC, or your current rankings.

This doesn’t cover, for example, looking at a spreadsheet, other websites, or reviewing audits from other companies.

Yes. We plan to introduce other members of the team later, but currently all video audits are performed by Daryl.

Yes, absolutely. We’re an SEO agency first and foremost, these videos are a nice way of showing how we can help first.

If you’d like to skip the video, schedule a strategy call with a member of our team to discuss a full SEO campaign.

Otherwise after the video, we can offer either a one-off audit or monthly campaign (both are optional).

Sure, if this isn’t the best 20 minutes of SEO advice you’ve ever received, just say within 7 days and you can have all your money back.

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