Logeix Grow Organic Search Revenue For High SKU Brands

Not impressions, nor clicks, not even traffic. Organic search marketing that creates hockey stick revenue growth for e-commerce stores.

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Why Choose Logeix?

You need a team that understand Shopify better than you

You shouldn't have to teach someone how to do what you want, wait for them to research it, or worse - research yourself.

We know Shopify inside out. Even as far as developing our own custom tools and running our own online shop.

Why start from scratch?

You need a moat around your business

Platforms are great for quick sales, but you're forever at the mercy of a soulless company.

And ads are amazing, until they aren't. Ad costs are endlessly rising, your traffic is held hostage to payment, and it's a full time job keeping it performing.

Organic search not only provides traffic and revenue, it builds a moat around your business.

Ads and platforms are one competitor away from being unprofitable. Great SEO will take years to catch.

You need revenue growth not useless content traffic

You've probably worked with SEO agencies before and all they did was seemingly fix "issues" and publish crappy content.

The end result? High SEO scores, maybe even higher traffic. And all of... zero revenue growth.

Our playbook is designed to grow revenue above all else. And with an average 10.55x ROI, we'd say it's working.

You don't want to wait a decade to see revenue growth

You understand patience, but that doesn't mean you want to wait... and wait... and wait... for apparent future results.

All the while paying out month after month.

With our revenue focused approached, results are faster, higher ROI, and you'll never be locked into any long term contracts. Ever.

You want to reduce your customer acquisition cost (CAC)

Like it or not, you've got to pay to acquire customers.

That can be ads, platform fees, time spent on social media, content, etc.

Great SEO is no different. Except it's 6.67x cheaper than ads for our typical client. And it doesn't vanish when you stop paying.

The end result is usually more traffic, more revenue, lower CAC, and more long term.

Hear it straight from our founder

"We're not the best content marketers. We can't run your ad campaigns. Nor land you links on the BBC or the biggest press placements.

But for the right clients, we can significantly grow your revenue.

And we're unashamedly focused exclusively on that.

This isn't SEO, it's a custom playbook designed to maximise organic revenue growth for Shopify stores selling 50+ products.

It's not cheap, it's not sexy, but it's likely the highest scalable marketing ROI you'll find."

If you're curious how scalable, book a traffic potential analysis with us here.

Daryl Rosser

CEO & Founder

Daryl speaking at the Chiang Mai SEO Conference

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Our results speak for themselves

Square Repair

The client is a small phone repair shop with two employees and a low marketing budget looking to grow nationally.

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Armstrong Supplies

This is an online-only store for buying building materials, supplies, and equipment in the UK.

Organic Revenue Growth:
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The client is a natural ingredients store for making soap at home. Their no-nonsense approach is loved by many with over 100,000 online sales.

Organic Traffic Growth:
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