Who Are Logeix?

We're the SEOs that other SEO agencies turn to when they're stuck

After years of consulting 1,000s of SEOs and agencies around the world, we finally decided to start working directly with clients again.

Today, we’re a small talented (and biased) team of 7, focused on eCommerce and Shopify SEO services for clients worldwide.

Daryl Rosser, founder of Logeix, speaking at the Vietnam SEO Summit in front of 500 attendees

Meet Our Founder

Speaking at the Chiang Mai SEO Conference

Daryl Rosser

Daryl is a top 3 “underground SEO” according to SearchEngineJournal, top 15 SEO blogger according to Ahrefs, and an internationally recognised SEO consultant with students in almost every country.

When he’s not doing SEO, talking about SEO, or dreaming about SEO, he’s probably playing with his two dogs.

You can follow his YouTube channel for more digital marketing tips and advice.

We Practice What We Preach

Beyond our client results, we’ve driven millions of unique visitors to our own websites, generating 7+ figures of profit, and put these same strategies into practice for ourselves.

Truth be told? It’s why we built the agency!

We deliberately work with a very small number of clients so we can both; maximise your results rather than spreading ourselves thin, and leverage our team/resources for our own profitable projects


Not a Traditional Agency

Our team is 100% remote so you’re not paying for our fancy un-used office space. This also allows us to hire the best talent internationally (many of which we’ve spent the last several years training!).

We believe in scaling value, not number of clients. It’s better for you, and us, if the results you see are so extraordinary you decide to increase your budget. After all, we’re in the results business.

And while other agencies are spending half their time copying, pasting, and analysing data – our automation has already completed the task. All our systems are custom built to streamline our campaigns and speed up our work, so you’re not paying for hours of wasted time.


Let's Grow Your Traffic