Everything You Need to Know About Shopify Plus Pricing in 2024

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If you’re at a point in your business where you’re either considering switching eCommerce platforms or upgrading your existing Shopify plan to one that supports your growing store best - you’ve probably stumbled upon the grand mystery that is Shopify Plus. Who needs it, when do I need it, and most importantly, what is it going to cost?

Read on for an introduction to Shopify Plus, an in-depth look at the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus pricing, whether the upgrade may be worth it for your store, and other pricing factors to consider when you move. Let’s get into it.


First things first: What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is Shopify’s enterprise eCommerce platform designed to support high-growth brands and online merchants on the market. Everything about Shopify Plus is designed for high-traffic stores - from a 99.98% uptime promise, faster checkout times, and access to valuable integrations and tools like Shop Pay, Shopify Flow and Launchpad. Shopify Plus streamlines transactions and helps your store support extremely high numbers of visitors, inventory, and orders. Shopify generally recommends this plan for stores netting over $1 Million annually.

How much does Shopify Plus cost in 2024?

Shopify as a whole is very transparent about its pricing options, and while Shopify Plus’s setup seems a little more complex than the lower-level plans at first look, it’s quite straightforward in the end. Let’s take a look at the setup.

The Shopify Plus plan starts at a flat rate of $2,000/month for all stores, and it’s good to note that most merchants will fall into this pricing category. Now, once your store makes over $800,000 monthly revenue (and is, thus, considered a much higher-volume store), you will be switched over to a revenue-based payment amount, equal to 0.25% of your monthly revenue

The good news: this fee will NEVER surpass $40,000 per month or $480,000 per year.

If you’re asking why there’s a staggered pricing structure for this plan - the logic behind this setup is simple: more visitors (and more orders) are expected to require more support and server resources. A chat with a Shopify Plus expert will give you the precise payment amount for your store, but here are some figures for a quick comparison:

  • If your store makes anywhere under $800,000 per month, you’ll pay the flat $2,000/month fee
  • If your store makes $1M per month, you’ll pay $2,500 monthly
  • Only if your store makes $16M+ per month, you’ll pay the maximum fee of $40,000/m

What are the differences between Shopify and Shopify Plus?

To examine the differences between “standard” Shopify and Shopify Plus, we have to look at the 4 pricing tiers Shopify offers; these are as follows:

  • BASIC ($39/month)
  • SHOPIFY ($105/month)
  • ADVANCED ($399/month)
  • PLUS ($2,000+/m)

The three standard Shopify plans (basic, Shopify, and advanced) have flat pricing tiers with clear-to-understand benefits such as lower credit card transaction fees or more staff accounts on the more expensive plans. This makes the plan selection quite straightforward. 

All three standard plans, in the simplest sense, provide your store with a platform to manage and grow your business and accept payments from customers. There are great customization options, you can sell online and in-person, get access to a 24/7 support team, integrate your site with social media platforms, and easily view your store’s analytics. 

Shopify Plus, being the enterprise option for large stores, brings everything to the table that the lower-end options do, but builds onto the offering with a sturdy, more customizable solution that will ensure your site survives and thrives even during the heaviest of traffic surges. It also comes with access to advanced apps, support, and analytics, as well as the Merchant Success Program, Shopify Plus Partner Program, and Shopify POS Pro. 

Other costs associated with Shopify Plus

Whether your store pays the $2,000/m minimum fee for Shopify Plus or a higher, revenue-based amount, it’s important to note that your Shopify Plus payment is not an ‘all-inclusive’ fee for your store. There are three major factors to consider - development, app fees, and credit card transaction fees.

Development and Maintenance Costs

The first factor to consider here is migration. While Shopify does not charge you to migrate your store to Shopify Plus, the process does take about 3-4 months, during which you’ll likely have to pay for your old store as well as your new Plus plan. In some cases, you may also encounter fees for leaving your current platform - be sure to check this beforehand to include it in your budget.

The cost for store development varies greatly depending on the level of customization you’re after and the expertise of your developer. However, Shopify suggests that most stores will be able to navigate its tools quite well without the help of a full-time developer, and, of course, offers 24/7 support access to solve any issues directly via chat, email, or phone.

On a recurring maintenance basis, Shopify Plus is a very cost-effective solution. Being a fully hosted platform, Shopify will take care of any server maintenance work, upgrades, or security improvements - saving you the money you’d otherwise have to spend on separate development work. 

In short, you won’t run into fees for hosting, bug fixes, updates or similar dev expenses, and can likely expect to avoid significant losses due to downtime thanks to Shopify’s 99.98% uptime promise. 

App Fees

Another factor to consider in your monthly expenses are Shopify Apps. These allow you to fully customize your store and are available on the Shopify App store for anywhere between $0 and several hundred per month. Your Shopify store will come with all basic functions even if you don’t invest in apps, but they do allow for additional capabilities and integrations that may improve your shop’s flow and customer experience.

Credit Card Transaction Fees

The last major point to consider for your store’s monthly costs on Shopify Plus are credit card transaction fees. 

Allowing your shop to get paid in more than 133 global currencies comes at a (small) cost. While credit card transaction fees vary by country, you can expect to pay Shopify anywhere in the ballpark of 1.5% and 3% of each transaction. 

In the United States, credit card transaction fees are about 2.15% + 30¢ on domestic Visa and Mastercards, and an additional 1% on any international payments. 

Shopify Plus charges a small 0.15% fee for third-party processing which is waived if your store accepts Shopify Payments. 

While it’s an amount to be considered, credit card fees within Shopify Plus (2.15% + $0.30) are decently low compared to Shopify’s 3 basic plans, which stagger as follows:

  • BASIC ($39/month) - 2.9% + 30¢ USD per transaction
  • SHOPIFY ($105/month) - 2.6% + 30¢ USD per transaction
  • ADVANCED ($399/month) - 2.4% + 30¢ USD per transaction

The Shopify Plus plan, therefore, allows you to save up to 0.75% on each transaction compared to the Basic plan. Because Shopify Plus is designed for enterprise-level stores with high order volumes, these fee savings stack up quickly.

The Bottom Line

It’s no surprise that we’re big fans of Shopify, and their Plus plan is no different. 

Shopify Plus is an incredible tool for high-growth brands and enterprise-level companies netting over $1 Million in annual revenue. The pricing structure, despite being less direct than Shopify’s 3 basic plans, is quite simple once understood and allows for predictable monthly budgeting. (Reminder: It’s always the greater of $2,000 or 0.25% of your monthly revenue!) 

So, if your store is near this annual revenue mark, it is definitely worth considering upgrading to Plus to take advantage of Shopify’s additional enterprise-level functionalities and development support, as well as the considerable savings on every single transaction made in your shop.

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