What am I looking at?

An SEO extension built for Shopify first

No other extension is specifically designed for Shopify SEO analysis and management. With Logeix Lab you can get the data, tools, and features you need faster than ever.

One-click analysis of your store

With one click, Logeix Lab will highlight all your headings, links to canonicalised product pages, and links to automated pages such as tags and vendors.

Quickly edit any page

Ever wasted time searching through Shopify Admin to find the product, post, or collection you want? Never again, just click ‘Edit Page’ and you’re in. Even works for the homepage.

Preview your meta tags

Quickly preview your SEO title tag and meta description for any live page. Want to edit it? Preview your changes right inside the popup, then copy/paste into the Edit Page menu.

And even more...!

Get word count for any selected text

Validate page schema

Check content uniqueness

Check your page is indexable with meta robots, x-robots, and robots.txt

Check your site for common Shopify SEO issues with our search formula

View and copy your page subheadings with one click

Get it now. Free forever.