Extracting, Testing, and Sharing SEO Insights

The Lion Zeal Show was a podcast hosted by Daryl Rosser where he interviewed leading experts (do-ers) on strategies and tactics for building successful SEO businesses.

Goodbye, Lion Zeal: What We Learned Building One Of The Biggest SEO Communities

Lion Zeal was started in September 2014 with the aim to open-source our private blog network (PBN) building systems and methodologies that our team used to operate at scale.

It later turned into one of the top 3 Facebook Groups (Ahrefs, 2021), one of the most popular SEO podcasts, and widely shared blog for our no-BS detailed content.

Here’s some of our best content:

Unfortunately all things must come to an end eventually. As of February 2023, we’re officially retiring the Lion Zeal brand.

Don’t worry, the podcast archive isn’t going anywhere and our blogs are all archived. So you can go back and check it any time.

Side note, thanks again for the amazing reviews, feedback, and engagement from the community throughout all this, here’s a few of many:

What’s next?

The team at NicheWebsiteBuilders acquired the Facebook group a while back to hopefully extend the life of the amazing community we built.

The podcast ended long ago, so no real change there.

As for Daryl Rosser (that’s me!), I’ll still continue creating SEO content sharing lessons from operating my eCommerce SEO agency and other businesses.

You’ll find that on our blog or YouTube. There’s already some great content on here like our Shopify SEO guide and free SEO course.

Thank you for being a part of Lion Zeal. There’s been thousands of positive messages over the years and so many positively impacted by what we built together. It’s been incredible being part of this, thanks again.

— Daryl