Revenue-First SEO Strategy Reports

Kiss goodbye to retainers, contracts, or blood oaths. Pay once for a revenue-first SEO strategy that anyone can follow.


We fired our agency, followed the Logeix strategy ourselves, and grew organic revenue by 182%.

There's a reason your SEO efforts failed.

Most e-commerce brands spend months dialling in their PPC targeting, bidding, and strategy. And then run blindly into SEO based on an automated audit:

  • We have 432 products with missing meta descriptions
  • There's 1,988 product images missing alt text
  • Our SEO score is only 70, we need to get it to 90+

You then spend 6 months fixing all these issues. Finally achieving that elusive 100 SEO score.

Only to realise it's had zero impact on your revenue.

It's called "Best Practice SEO".

And the problem is it's not a strategy. It's fixing so-called issues, at random, with no objective.

What you need is a strategy for determining what to do, in which order, to grow revenue.

Notice we didn't say traffic?

Because traffic means hiring cheap writers using AI to churn out endless mediocre blog content, only to realise...

None of this converts to sales.

Revenue-first SEO, on the other hand, means prioritising your strategy based on the revenue potential of each input.

  • What's the total addressable market for SEO?
  • What's the revenue potential for each page?
  • How impactful will each change be on our revenue?

When you make this shift, it becomes slap-in-the-face obvious:

The only thing that matters is collection pages, product pages, and your homepage. Bottom of the funnel.

And usually, all it takes is ONE top ranking collection to multiply your search revenue. You just have to figure out what that is, and how to do it.

Introducing SEO Strategy Reports by LOGEIX.

  • Get a 35+ page custom SEO strategy in PDF format
  • Design, development, and keyword recommendations
  • Top 10 revenue potential pages
  • Guides to implement all yourself
  • For one fixed price

It’s like 6 months of work from your last agency... in one report. But better.

No more retainers, no contracts, no blood oaths. Pay once, for a revenue-first strategy anyone can follow.


SEO Strategy Reports

Free 1-Page Report

Want a taster of working together? We’ll analyse one page with as many recommendations as we can fit on one slide.



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Store Strategy Report

We’ll audit multiple data sources to create a detailed SEO strategy to dramatically grow your e-commerce revenue.
  • Review all page types
  • Full site audit & analysis
  • Example design improvements
  • Top 10 page opportunities
  • 1 Page-Level Strategy

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference to an SEO audit?

An audit is a data source, it’ll give you hundreds of best practices to fix for an arbitrary SEO score. A strategy is the analysis of multiple data sources, to create a plan for maximum revenue growth within minimum time.

Request a free trial if you’re unsure, you’ll see the difference.

What does a store strategy report include?

You’ll get a 35+ page Store Strategy report handmade by an SEO specialist, designer, and developer from analysing your website manually, crawling with ScreamingFrog, reviewing keywords/links with Ahrefs, reviewing pages with “Google dorks”, and comparing to competitors.

You’ll also get one Page Strategy report, created by similar analysis specific to a single page and target keywords.

Optionally you can purchase Google Search Console as an additional data source. As well as technical implementation.

What is a page strategy?

Page Strategy reports are detailed strategies to rank a specific page in Google Search. You’ll learn how to improve the page quality (design & development), what your target keywords should be, who your competitors are, and detailed recommendations to surpass them.

What technical SEO fixes are included?

By default, none. But if you purchase our technical SEO fixes add-on, you’ll get: structured data ( fixes, robots.txt update, noindexing automated pages, canonical tag fixes, pagination de-optimisation, programmatic breadcrumbs, etc.

Design changes and large development tasks are not included such as rebuilding faceted navigation and manually creating internal linking between all your collections. We can (optionally) install some design functionality though, and provide training to do it yourself.

Do you offer additional support?

Our minimum engagement fee is $50,000 for a 12-month plan. It’s not a fit for most stores, but feel free to reach out if you’re interested.

Otherwise, you can purchase unlimited Page Strategy reports after your Store Strategy. If you’re willing to implement in-house, you’ll get all our best strategies at a fraction of the price.