+37% Organic Traffic for Coffee Machine Shopify Store

The Client

The client is a Shopify store in the US selling a coffee and espresso machines, along with a number of accessories and coffee’s. They asked us to run a full audit of their website in October 2021 to clean up technical/onpage issues and create a 12 month plan.

The Plan

We started this campaign, as always, with a full audit of their website using ScreamingFrog, Ahrefs, SEMRush, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, etc.

This is done by reviewing the overall website as well as diving into each individual page on the website.

This process allows us to narrow down the pages that actually matter to prioritise our focus. In this case the client had around 2000 pages, yet only 193 were worth doing full keyword research and OnPage SEO.

We also identified a few technical SEO issues such as automated thin content pages, internal linking issues, broken canonical URLs, and more.

The Execution

1. Clean up all the technical issues, there weren’t too many, but they were causing issues for some important pages, along with a bunch of thin content pages that reduced the site quality and wasted crawl budget.

2. Fix 300+ broken backlinks from the old website structure. This was a quick but valuable win for the client.

3. Identify top ranking pages lacking meta description for quick CTR optimisation. In this case, the client already had decent ranking products, but missing meta descriptions and title tags not optimised for clicks.

4. Manually review of each page using various tools for data analysis, this helped us identify the 139 pages needing full keyword research and additional content added or at least modifying existing content. This will be a large part of the next 12 months work.

The above is all complete, now we’re actively working with this client on a monthly basis to execute our plan. This involves updating the 193 pages with title/meta and/or keyword research and onpage changes, link building, and later content marketing which is currently being under-utilised.

The Results

The clients website responded very well to our technical SEO fixes and almost immediately started seeing organic traffic growth.

So far traffic is up 36.86% with sales also up 20.57% comparing to the previous year. Or 32.6% comparing last month to the starting month.

This campaign is still very early days since moving to an ongoing campaign, but so far the results look promising.

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