<div><h1 class="article-h1">+1,073% Organic Traffic for <span class="text-span-10">Home Furnishing</span> Shopify Store</h1></div>

The Client

This is an internally owned and operated online-only store selling home furnishing products in the UK. The website was first launched in early 2020 and the goal with SEO has been exclusively to drive sales, with no effort (yet) put into middle or top of funnel content.

The Plan

By comparing the competition, we saw the biggest opportunity was in product category pages not product pages. In fact, product pages were often responsible for almost no traffic to competitor stores.

We also saw that there were a significant number of keywords to target on these product categories, ranging from colours and styles, room options, sizing options, and more.

Another common issue with competitors with all these options and products to support them, was a large amount of keyword cannibalisation with it being unclear which page should rank.

The Execution

We decided to build a very lean website with products blocked in Robots.txt and no blog to start with, for simplicity and time-saving reasons.

This left us with an eCommerce store with less than 150 indexed pages, with the vast majority of those being product category pages.

For each page, we conducted keyword research and wrote an optimised H1, H2s, title tag, meta description (for CTR), and short category description. Along with an internal linking structure between relevant product categories.

After this, we built some links and waited to see what happened.

The Results

This store is very much a work in progress, so this will be updated as we put more work into it later.

Currently traffic is up 1,072.54% and transactions up 4,400% comparing 2021 to 2020, but that’s of course based on starting from zero in early 2020.

At this point, the traffic is still very low but ranking for high buyer intent keywords so there’s a lot of potential, especially as we improve existing pages and push more blog content (in progress).

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