<div><h1 class="article-h1">+502.87% Organic Traffic for <span class="text-span-10">SquareRepair</span> Shopify Store</h1></div>

The Client

The client is a Shopify store in the UK selling tech repair services. They approached us in September 2020 after struggling with their SEO efforts in the past and looking to grow their online sales.

The Plan

We start every campaign by reviewing the existing website, opportunities, and competitors to strategise what to do.

In this case, we found the client had a serious number of technical SEO issues. Canonical URLs were completely broken across every page, and there were hundreds of cases of keyword cannibalisation where product category pages, product pages, and blog posts were targeting the same keywords.

Beyond that, the client had 100+ blog posts with the majority being thin content, near duplicates of product pages, and overall driving very little traffic. This needed to be cleaned up.

For opportunities, there was a huge gap in product brand keywords that were left untapped, along with some other more competitive keywords that were ignored. Also most pages were not properly optimised with the fundamentals i.e. keyword optimised title tag and h1, decent depth of content, etc.

The Execution

1. Big technical clean up, this client had some pretty major technical issues their last agency overlooked

2. Massively reducing the size of the site from 1,000+ ecom pages to about 300, most were too similar and could be ranked on a single page. And a big reduction in low quality blog content.

3. Fixed up internal linking structure so there’s a proper category silo structure between the different product categories

4. Huge existing page content expansion, before most category pages had virtually no content/descriptions

5. Created new top level categories with internal links to help rank these, allows us to hit some much bigger keywords that were being ignored before

This was also being mindful of the client’s budget, which made us focus primarily on improving existing pages and on site factors.

The Results

From the start of the campaign until end of May, SEO traffic is up 502.87% with revenue up a significant 163.28% also.

Overall search visibility has increased exponentially, as seen in the impressions/clicks growth from Google Search Console.

And the clients gained a number of impressive rankings like #2 for “ipad screen repair” with 6.1k monthly searches, #5 for “phone repair” with 13k monthly searches, #4 for “screen repair services” with 1.1k searches, and many more.

Along with almost 5,000 first page keywords and hundreds of top 3 keywords.

Overall the campaign was a massive success, despite little to not content marketing added yet. We’ll be working on that next.

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