<div><h1 class="article-h1">+170.49% Organic Search Traffic for <span class="text-span-10">The Tackle Room</span> Shopify Store</h1></div>

The Client

The Tackle Room is a Shopify store in the US selling a variety of saltwater fishing supplies and equipment. They approached us in November 2021 to put a strategic effort behind growing their organic search traffic, something they felt they’d been neglecting up to that point.

The Plan

We start every campaign by reviewing the existing website, opportunities, and competitors to strategise what to do.

In this case, the client had a number of technical issues such as missing/duplicate title tags, missing H1s, missing meta descriptions, and other problems caused by a misconfigured theme.

The client had made some attempts at creating content which was great, but this could also be improved to drive more middle of funnel content, as it currently was ranking for very little.

We also saw many opportunities in expanding the number of product categories, improving some key product pages, and optimising the existing categories as most of these had no content and no keyword research / optimisation currently.

The Execution

1. Clean up all the technical issues by modifying the theme to add title tag/meta description functionality, add H1’s to category pages, fix internal linking structure, etc.

2. Identify the quick win keywords/pages to rewrite titles, tweak or add basic content, create internal links, and other on-page optimisations

3. Create a link building plan/strategy based on competitors, which we’ve slowly began implementing on a monthly basis

4. Research and suggest additional keywords and product categories that allow keyword expansion of the existing product range

This is a fairly new client, so all of this is ongoing. We’ll also expand more middle of funnel content shortly.

The Results

Over a 6 month campaign with limited budget, we were able to grow organic search traffic by 170.49% from the campaign start. Revenue is also up 116.83% with 78.95% increase in transactions.

As this client hadn’t done SEO before, you can see from the GSC data above that the growth began almost immediately with positive trending impressions/clicks from the start.

Ahrefs also shows a similar trend in traffic growth, as well as keyword visibility increasing significantly over the 6 month period.

Overall this was a successful short term campaign, the clients themselves said:

“We found ourselves with a solid site and traffic, but relying heavily on paid traffic sources to generate revenue. Logeix stepped up and helped us gain the organic presence that we so badly needed.
We chose Logeix because Daryl was relatable and easy to talk with. We felt he was authentic and didn’t seek to mislead us or make a quick buck.
The best part about working with Logeix were the accountability and solid communication, and our organic traffic has improved significantly.
We are quite pleased with you guys. Thank you very much.”
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