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Logeix are a technical and onpage SEO agency for eCommerce brands

Data-Driven SEO Campaigns For eCommerce Brands

We’re a small international team of world-class SEOs that specialise in Technical SEO and OnPage SEO for eCommerce stores and other 1,000+ page websites.

Why We're Different

We've trained 1,000+ SEOs in almost every country

Our team are the SEOs that other SEOs turn to when they’re stuck or learning. We’ve taught over 1,000 SEOs with our paid programs, consulting, and workshops – and trained significantly more with out 20,000 member Facebook Group, popular podcast, and our top 20 SEO blog (according to Ahrefs).

Daryl Rosser speaking at Chiang Mai SEO Conference

You can follow our campaign progress in real-time

Communication is a difficult balance for agencies, between doing the work and talking with clients. That’s why we built our system to allow you to follow along with our work in real-time. Now you can see every task, status, and completed deliverable 24/7.

We specialise in eCommerce and 1,000+ page websites

Our core skill is in technical analysis and automation. Unlike local agencies that optimises pages one by one, we use custom tools and systems to audit your entire website and identify technical and onpage opportunities. Then we combine this with our in-house team to strategise the plan and implement everything.

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