Grow Your Online Store With Content Marketing Services

Create content readers and search engines love, improve existing content, and drive significantly more organic traffic

Our Content Marketing Process

Step One

Audit and Improve Existing Content

Existing content is the quickest opportunity to grow your traffic.

We’ll reviewing content on landing pages, eCommerce pages, and blog posts through a manual process and with content analysis tools.

With this data we’ll create detailed plans to refresh or rewrite them to increase traffic and rankings.

Step Two

Content Topic Ideation & Detailed Outlines

Once existing content is covered, it’s time to expand the site for significantly more growth.

We’ll analyse your competitors along with manual keyword research to come up with ideas for new product category pages, landing pages, and blog posts.

Then we’ll write a detailed outline for each content idea to give your writers.

Step Three

Content Calendar & Management

After the outlines are written, we’ll set a content schedule and work directly with your writers to meet it.

If you don’t have writers, we’ll help hire freelance writers on your behalf with experience in your market.

This ensures you have high quality content from someone experienced in your business.

“Daryl Rosser is a relative newcomer to the SEO world, but he’s already becoming a household name.”

“Daryl’s blog, Lion Zeal, is also amazing. He is results driven. Everything he writes and puts out is field tested.”

How Can We Help?

On Page SEO

Keyword Research

Through manual ideas, research, and competitor analysis; determining what phrases people are searching

On Page SEO

Product Category SEO

Optimising your product category pages to be more relevant and helpful for your chosen keywords

On Page SEO

Product Page SEO

Optimising your product pages to be more relevant and helpful for your chosen keywords

Content Marketing

Content Topic Ideation

Through manual research and competitor ideas; coming up with informational content ideas

Content Marketing

Content Calendars

Deadlines, schedules, and planning for publishing your content for maximum effectiveness

Content Marketing

Content Audit

Analysing your existing content for opportunities to improve it and grow current traffic levels

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this is the first stage and often most important of our process – especially for eCommerce stores.

It’s likely you already have hundreds, if not, thousands of pages on. your website.

The first stage is to improve these prioritised by opportunity. We’ll review existing rankings, Google Search Console Impressions, and competitor opportunities to determine this.

No, you wouldn’t want us to either.

We’re SEOs so we’ll help you find high traffic potential content ideas that are relevant to your business, then turn these into detailed SEO-friendly outlines for your writers.

If needed, we’ll also help you hire freelance writers with experience in your niche.

Content ideas come from both tools and manual research based on multiple approaches:

  1. Understanding your businesses target audience personas
  2. Analysing your competitors for missed opportunities
  3. Reviewing keywords to determine what people are searching

Our content outlines are highly detailed including Post Title (H1), Title Tag, Meta Description, Subheadings, Bullet point notes, Resources/References, Recommended Phrases, Internal Links, Featured Snippet strategy, etc

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