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We help online stores grow their organic traffic and sales through our Technical SEO, On Page SEO, Content Marketing, and Link Building Services

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Our Process

Step One

Technical Audit & Cleanup

A detailed review of every page of your website from a technical and content perspective.

The goal here is to set up your site for search engines to easily crawl and access your many pages.

Step Two

Bottom of Funnel Optimisation

Keyword research, title, metas, and content optimisation for your product categories and product pages.

Step Three

Mid > Top Of Funnel Content Strategy

Expanding and improving content marketing efforts targeting review, informational, and broader keywords.

Step Four

Link Building

Increase your site authority with relevant backlinks acquired through email outreach. This will allow you to compete for more competitive keywords.

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How Can We Help?

Technical SEO

Site Audit

A detailed review of every page of your website from a technical and content perspective

Technical SEO

Site Structure

Setup your internal linking and URL structure for simple crawling and topical relevance

Technical SEO

KW Cannibalisation

Checking and resolving issues of multiple pages targeting a single topic of keywords

Technical SEO

Faceted Navigation

Cleaning up thin content and duplicate content issues caused by faceted navigation

Technical SEO

Structured Data

Setting up structured data for making sense of your content and claiming rich snippets

Technical SEO

Site Speed

Reducing and optimising resources to make your site load faster for robots and people

Technical SEO

Internal Linking

Identifying and resolving internal link opportunities like high page depth and orphan pages

Technical SEO

Crawl Analysis

Reviewing the data to see how often and what pages Google are crawling on your store to find issues

Technical SEO

International SEO

Configuring your store to rank in multiple languages and/or countries without SEO conflicts

On Page SEO

Keyword Research

Through manual ideas, research, and competitor analysis; determining what phrases people are searching

On Page SEO

Product Category SEO

Optimising your product category pages to be more relevant and helpful for your chosen keywords

On Page SEO

Product Page SEO

Optimising your product pages to be more relevant and helpful for your chosen keywords

Content Marketing

Content Topic Ideation

Through manual research and competitor ideas; coming up with informational content ideas

Content Marketing

Content Calendars

Deadlines, schedules, and planning for publishing your content for maximum effectiveness

Content Marketing

Content Audit

Analysing your existing content for opportunities to improve it and grow current traffic levels

Frequently Asked Questions

We work with any eCommerce platform including Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and others.

Every eCommerce SEO campaign starts with an initial audit – either as a one-time fee or the start of a retainer.

This sets the plan and strategy for the campaign, which we’ll work on every month including Technical SEO corrections, Keyword Research, On Page SEO, Content Marketing, and Link Building.

It depends.

Our hourly rate is $130/hour, but using tools and automation we’re highly efficient with those hours.

The best way to get a custom quote would be to get in touch.

This entirely depends on where your website is currently at relative to the competition.

If you have years of backlinks accumulated, but many technical or on page issues, it can be within 2-3 months to see huge traffic growth.

Other times it can be several months or longer.

Get a 10-Minute Video Audit Of Your Website