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Our free Shopify image compressor helps you optimize your store's images with ease. Get quicker page speeds and increase your SEO rankings.

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Better than Shopify's compression engine. Reduce image file sizes by up to 80% without sacrificing quality.

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Simply drag and drop to compress all your store's images. Unlimited files, no file size limit.

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Runs offline in your browser. Keep your images safe and away from prying eyes.

Why should I compress images on my Shopify store?

Compressing your images reduces their file size, allowing them to load faster. This results in a better user experience and can improve your website's search engine rankings, especially if there's multiple images on the page.

If you'd like to learn more about Shopify image optimisation, check out our write-up.

What's the best size for images on my store?

We recommend resizing images to fit their container on your store. For example, Shopify suggests product page images to be 2048 × 2048px, while keeping collection grid images to just 1024 × 1024px.

If you are catering for retina displays, make them 2× their container's size.

Here's a list of common Shopify image sizes for your reference:

Image type  Width × Height (px)
Product images 2048 × 2048
Collection images 1024 × 1024
Banner images 1600 × 500
Full-width & Background images 2500 × 1400
Blog images 1200 × 1200
Menu images 360 × 360
Store logo 450 × 250
Favicon 32 × 32

How does this tool work?

This tool uses Chen Fengyuan's Compressor.js library to handle JPEG images and Donald Chan's Browser Image Compression library for PNG images.

The entire process happens in your browser, so you're not wasting bandwidth or putting your security at risk by sending files to unknown servers. We have seen image sizes reduced by 30% on average without losing significant quality, and up to 80% file size reduction with more aggressive settings.

The front end for this tool is much inspired and adapted from Towfiq I.'s, with adjustments to suit Shopify image compression needs.

How many images can I compress with this tool?

Our image compressor allows you to compress an unlimited number of images at once, saving you time and effort.

Since this tool optimises media in your browser, its speed is not limited by your internet connection. The only waiting you will do is for the compression task itself. As a bonus, you can zip up and download all of your photos at once!

How much does this tool cost?

Nothing! Our Shopify image optimisation tool is completely free. Use however you like, without any cost.

What image formats can this compress?

This tool supports JPEG and PNG file formats, which are commonly used for images on Shopify stores.

Do I lose image quality on compression?

Since our image compression tool is lossy, it will output slightly lower quality images. But with the right settings it won't be discernible to the naked eye.

We recommend setting your image quality to 75% for best results with our optimisation tool.

Can I recover my original images after compressing them?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to recover the original image after it has been compressed. When an image is compressed, data is removed to reduce the file size.

Make sure you have a backup of your original images before compressing them. Using our tool, you can add a suffix to your exported images to differentiate between your original and compressed images.

What is WebP? Do I need to convert my images to WebP?

WebP is an image format that offers superior compression compared to traditional image formats. WebP lossless images are 26% smaller in size compared to PNGs. WebP lossy images are 25-34% smaller than comparable JPEG images. By using WebP for your Shopify store's images, you can further improve your website's loading speed.

You do not need to convert your images to WebP format. In 2019, Shopify launched seamless support for WebP images. The images on your store are now served as WebP by default, whether you upload them with PNG or JPEG extension.

Doesn't Shopify compress images by default?

Yes, Shopify does compress images by default when you upload them to your store. However, Shopify's compression algorithm isn't perfect and can still impact your store's loading speed. Using an additional image compression tool can help you further optimize your images and improve your website's performance.

Where do my images go? Do you collect my data?

Fear not! Your images are processed locally on your browser, so they never leave your computer. We do not collect or store any of your image data, ensuring that your images remain safe.