Discount Code Generator

    Free Random eCommerce Codes Generator

    Generate unique and customisable discount codes for your online store business.

    What are the possible code formats?


    You can choose between letters, numbers, or a combination of both in your discount code.

    Can I customize the length of the generated codes?


    Yes, you can choose the length of the codes generated, and there's no limit.

    Will the generated codes be unique?


    While we cannot ensure every randomised string is unique, with an appropriate character length (or better yet, a suitable prefix/suffix), your promo codes can be truly unique.

    Do you keep a record of the generated codes?


    No, we do not store the codes once they have been generated. We also do not maintain a list of pre-generated codes that can be selected.

    In fact, this process is run locally by your browser, so your results don't leave your computer at all!

    Do I need to make a payment to generate codes?


    No, there is no charge or registration required to use the discount code generator. It is completely free to use.

    What do I do with the generated discount codes?


    You can use the codes as a marketing tool for your eCommerce business by offering them to customers as a discount incentive during the checkout process. Customers can enter the code to receive a discount on their purchase.