How We Get An Average 10.55x ROI for Shopify Stores

What's Your Store's Traffic Value Potential?

Using SEO data analysis tools, we can determine:

  1. Your Total Addressable Market (TAM) for SEO
    AKA the traffic potential and equivalent cost if you were to pay for PPC
  2. Your Keyword Potential
    How valuable are your competitors top pages? Which pages are most valuable?
  3. Your Backlink Value
    How much $ value are your backlinks driving?

Would you like me to analyse this and show you?

No pre-made content or generic advice.

I'll research your site, competitors and overall market before the Zoom call - and come equipped with a full strategy to add an extra $30,000+/mo in traffic value to your store.

The catch?

  1. There needs to be potential to add an extra $30,000+/mo in traffic value to your website, any less and we can't get you a great ROI
  2. After showing you the potential, plan, and ideas - I'll ask if you'd like me to show you how we can help make this happen

In exchange, you’ll get a short detailed breakdown of the value of SEO for your business, with actionable steps to achieve it.

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