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Our SEO clients get more traffic (and revenue) at a 6.67x lower cost than PPC. Find out the revenue potential of your store with our traffic value potential analysis.

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"They're all very data driven. They're very detail orientated. And most importantly,they focus on bottom of the funnel type activities, making sales and not just traffic."

Shawn Altman
Lead Marketing, ISS Automotive

"These guys deliver and they deliver quick, and they're honest with what they tell you need. So give them a shot. You won't be disappointed."

Jason Berndt
Founder & CEO, My Two Brows

"[...] They were going to do the right things for us and take care of our business as if it was their own. We wholeheartedly recommend working with Logeix, we can't say enough good things."

Bryan Byrd
Owner, The Tackle Room

Our clients have seen an average 10.55x ROI. What’s the potential for your store?

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Our Analysis Shows You...

1. What’s Your Store's Total Addressable Market?

Using competitors and search engine data we can show you how big your brand's potential market really is.

2. Which Products Drive The Most Revenue For Your Competitors?

See how much traffic your competitors are getting to their most popular categories and products.

3. How Much Are Backlinks Really Worth For Your Brand?

See whether link building is actually working and how much you’ll need to compete for the biggest categories.

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How Achievable Is Our Revenue Potential Analysis? Here’s Some Of Our Results…

Square Repair

The client is a small phone repair shop with two employees and a low marketing budget looking to grow nationally.

Organic Traffic Growth:

Armstrong Supplies

This is an online-only store for buying building materials, supplies, and equipment in the UK.

Organic Revenue Growth:


The client is a natural ingredients store for making soap at home. Their no-nonsense approach is loved by many with over 100,000 online sales.

Organic Traffic Growth:

The Tackle Room

This is a niche Shopify store in the US selling a variety of saltwater fishing supplies and equipment.

Organic Traffic Growth:

PC International

This is a popular brand and online store in South Africa for purchasing computers and laptops in-store and online.

Organic Revenue Growth:


This client was an offline local business looking to re-establish itself as an online store for made-to-measure window blinds.

Annual Traffic Value:

ISS Automotive

ISS Automotive is an online D2C brand for instrument clusters and replacement electronic car parts.

Monthly Users Growth:

Yard Butler

Yard Butler is a DTC brand selling high quality gardening tools. They had a great presence on Amazon, but less so on their own website.

Organic Traffic Growth:

My Two Brows

My Two Brows sell easily applied, super realistic eyebrow stickers for people with no eyebrows such as those suffering from cancer or alopecia.

Organic Traffic Growth:

Is This Right For My Brand?

We multiply revenue for existing brands with an established online presence. Here’s what we require to deliver exceptional results:

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About Logeix

We’re a revenue growth agency for ecommerce businesses specialised in revenue-focused SEO.

Our approach is focused solely on revenue growth, not search impressions, traffic, or ticking off best practices.

As a team, we’re a UK business with a fully remote team to take advantage of amazing talent internationally. Since starting, we’ve delivered a 10.55x ROI for our clients on average.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need to have a call?

Our analysis reports are half data and half data analysis. Without knowing how to use this data and determine a strategy from it, it’ll be useless. We’ll also need your input on products/categories, history, and goals.

What are the next steps after the analysis call?

If we seem like a good fit, we’ll schedule a second call to walk you through our proposed strategy to do this for you. Otherwise, you’ll get the free analysis report and we’ll wish you luck.

How accurate is this analysis?

Without access to your competitors analytics data, we can’t see their exact numbers. But our data analysis tools tend to be extremely close, especially for more established websites.

How long does it take to get results?

SEO isn’t fast like ads, but it’s significantly more secure. Stop investing and your revenue will continue growing, not immediately disappear. Wouldn’t it be nicer to have a more predictable, longer term traffic and revenue source?