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SEO is simple. People search for your products, product categories, or information about either - then your website is what they see.

No complex targeting, forever increasing CPC’s, or losing all your business data to Ama-gone.

We’ve done this for many stores already, our clients have seen an average 143.28% growth in revenue, and we have a simple approach to increasing revenue every time.

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How we grow your traffic revenue

Take a look at our simple 4-step process for growing organic search traffic for Shopify stores fast.

Step one

Strategy Audit

A detailed review of every page of your website from a technical and content perspective.

The goal here is to set up your site for search engines to easily crawl and access your many pages.

Step TWO

Shopping Page Optimisation

Our campaign prioritises this by improving each of your important pages with keyword research, title and meta improvements, content optimisation, etc.

‍Your shopping pages (i.e. homepage, collections, and products) are where the majority of revenue is generated - even from a "funnel entrance" perspective.


Content Marketing

Not everyone is searching for your products straight away, before that they may search for information, questions, reviews, comparisons, etc.

Our content marketing approach is aimed at targeting the "middle" and "top of funnel" to get more potential customers to your store while driving traffic to profitable product pages.


Link Building

Link building is the fuel behind the first 3 steps, when done correctly it'll multiply the impact of this work.

We handle our link building 100% in-house by reaching out to niche relevant websites on your behalf, it's simple and very effective.

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Here's some amazing results

At the end of the day, it comes down to results, and we deliver. Our worst result was +35.4% traffic in 7 months. Here’s some of our highlights:

Square Repair

The client is a small phone repair shop with two employees and a low marketing budget looking to grow nationally.

Organic Traffic Growth:
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Armstrong Supplies

This is an online-only store for buying building materials, supplies, and equipment in the UK.

Organic Revenue Growth:
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The client is a natural ingredients store for making soap at home. Their no-nonsense approach is loved by many with over 100,000 online sales.

Organic Traffic Growth:
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